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US Department of Education Resources

Recommended Resources

The following items can be ordered at this address:

Ntl Reading Panel  #EXR0003V
NCLB Parents Guide #EAT0060P
AfterSchool Action Kit #ES 0156K  (
Families Schools Partners #EC 0087B
Spanish version  EC 0089B
Bullying Brochure  #EQ 0118B
Reading Tips Bookmark  #EKH0063M
Reaching All Families  #EK 0467P
10 Facts #EKH0133H
Helping Your Child series:
[Spanish] With Homework]: EKH0078P
[Spanish] Succeed In School]: EKH0080P
[Spanish] Become A Responsible Citizen]: EKH0126P
[Spanish] Through Early Adolescence: EKH0079P
[Spanish] Become A Reader: EKH0076P
[Spanish] Helping Your Preschool Child: EKH0077P
[Spanish/English] Reading Tips For Parents: EKH0130P
With Homework: Elementary Through Middle School: EK 0456P
Succeed In School: EK 0458P
Become A Responsible Citizen: EK 0540P
Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence: EK 0457P
Helping Your Child Become A Reader: EK 0454P
Helping Your Preschool Child: EK 0455P
[English/Spanish] Reading Tips For Parents [Bookmark]: EKH0063M
Put Reading First: Helping Your Child Learn To Read: EXR0006H